Monday 2 June 2014

Cyherbia Open to Nature

Dear Reader,

Sometimes people surprise you as you do not expect to find them in certain places, doing certain things. I believe everybody likes to meet these people who passed the border of ordinary and they succeed to become somebody with their own strengths. How they did it? Who helped them? Who is behind them? From where do they find that interior force to fight, to smile and to succeed? This was my first feeling when I heard about Mrs. Miranda Tringis, a beautiful woman, a special woman. Why? In my opinion just because she has a Dutch soul and Cypriots products. And yes she puts the stamp on everything she does: "Made in Cyprus".

 Dear Miranda,

Izzy: I am so surprised to find a Dutch women here in the hot Cyprus, and more surprised to find out that you are not only relaxing in the sun, as everybody would do, but also hard working producing a large variety of Cypriots Products. How did you become interested in plants and herbs? Do you enjoy doing this for a living? Are there any rewards?
M.T.: My interest in natural medicine started out of need, when my 4 year old daughter was continually ill with respiratory infections, and each doctor we went to prescribed antibiotics. She then became immune to 2 different types of antibiotics and her immune system was destroyed. So I looked for alternatives, and found that a simple herbal tea (thyme, mint and sage) with local honey, taken at the onset of a cold, could stop the cold from becoming an infection. this encouraged me to learn more about herbs, use them in cooking etc. and all of a sudden the food tasted so much better with herbs! One thing led to another and from starting out with one basil, one rosemary and one thyme plant my husband and I created Cyherbia park with its herb garden, maze and woodland. I studied and got my diploma as a herbalist and did a coarse on organic farming. Now, 12 years on, we have a successful business and what's more important, many satisfied clients who have regained their health with the herbal teas, tinctures and other products we make at Cyherbia. This is the best reward.

Izzy: People now are more and more aware of the necessity of using natural products. We are turning back to nature and lots of your products are helping people to feel better improving their health and life style. What can you tell us about your special products? Are they really helping?
M.T.: I can tell many stories of people who have been helped by our herbal preparations. For instance, a man suffering from arthritis in the knees and hips, walking with the aid of a walking stick and in constant pain, decided to take me at my word when I did a TV presentation on the benefits or rose hip powder for arthritis. He started taking this supplement, started to feel the effect of it after a few weeks like I said he would, and after some months of daily use he threw away his walking stick! He still takes rose hip powder and hardly has any pain. Flexibility in the joints has improved greatly too.
This is just one of the many clients and visitors who have given us positive feedback, about blood pressure management, detoxing, skin problems such as eczema which are effectively treated with herbs, diabetes, you name it. Nature has a healing plant for every ailment.

Izzy: On your website I've noticed you have a large selection of herbs. Why would anybody choose to buy herbs from Cyherbia?
M.T.: At Cyherbia we grow the highest quality organic herbs, we dry them naturally and combine different herbs to make special blends, for instance for diabetes, detoxing, pregnancy, relaxation, energy etc. Our creams, salves and other products with only organic ingredients, no nasty chemicals or anything. The tinctures and extracts take 40 days to make to ensure top quality. We want our products to heal, nourish and restore, so we won't settle for anything less than the best quality. That is why people are satisfied with our products, they do what the label says they do.

Izzy: Sometimes you feel that Cyprus is a small island but still people have less time to travel even "short distances" From Paphos to Avgorou – The place of the unique Cyprus Maze. That is why I was so happy to notice that all of your products can be ordered online. What can you tell us about this system? How does it work and how soon we will have your products in our homes?
M.T.: It is definitely worth your while to take the trip out to Cyherbia for the day, especially with children. They can spend the day doing adventure activities in the maze, woodland and herb garden, activities that will make them enjoy nature and learn in a playful way about the herbs and wildlife of Cyprus. Adults love the tranquility of the park and the relaxing atmosphere in the tea room.
Many of our products are not online, as I keep creating new products and focus more on the actual place rather than the virtual one. As for the products that are online, you can order via email or phone and we send via Akis express, which takes just one day to get to you.

Izzy: Many of us like to treasure small pleasures in our life. One of your products can bring smiles starting early in the morning. What can you tell us about your gorgeous hand soaps? Is it possible to wash your hands using handmade soaps entirely natural?
M.T.: Our soaps are made with goat's milk, grape seed oil and pure essential oils. There is nothing better to put on your skin than that!

Izzy: As a woman I am of course interested in cosmetics. Would you please introduce us to your world of beauty? Which product would you recommend the most?
M.T: That depends on your skin type. We make an organic moisturizing cream with lavender, which is suitable for normal to sensitive skin and especially good for skin with acne and blemishes. Our rose cream is rejuvenating, the essential oil of rose assists in the regeneration of skin cells. This rich cream is suitable for mature skin and combats wrinkles. Our Aloe Vera face cream is for all skin types, it is light and ultra moisturizing, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Izzy: There is any other product that you would like to mention?
M.T.: Our most recent product is a hair growth tonic, made with nettle, gotu kola, bay and rosemary. It strengthens the hair and encourages new growth, tonifying and nourishing the follicles. One very happy 'side effect' of this product is that it increases alertness and concentration, as it also stimulates blood flow to the brain. Win-win!


Izzy: Very often I like watching people's pictures, I like to capture a little drop of their soul, of that moment when they smiled at the camera ... and they looked happy, accomplished. It is just a second of their entire life caught in a smile. This was what happened when I saw one of your pictures with your two daughters. Are any of your daughters enjoying life as you do? Building something for the future? What do you feel regarding your life as a mother and a business woman? It was a happy "melange"?
M.T.: My children are at a stage in their life where they will discover what it is that they want to do, this is something they will discover along the way. I'm glad I was a stay at home mum when they were little, so I spent all of my time with them. Those early years are so important and I'm glad I didn't miss any of it. Now that they are older I can focus more on the goings on at the herb garden, but I'm still there for them in the afternoons. This is why the park is closed in the afternoons on weekdays. My family is and will always be my biggest priority.

Izzy: At the end of this beautiful interview I would like to say: "This is Cyprus. This is your new home where you are building step by step an accomplished life and a Brand - Cyherbia. How do you feel looking around you ? What are your plans for the future?
M.T.: I am very happy with the way things are at the moment. The public has embraced Cyherbia, we've built trust with our clients and visitors all have a great day out when they come to the park. Everything has evolved naturally it seems, step by step. The park will show us along the way what the next step will be.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

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Welcome to Cyprus Products World!

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I would like to introduce you in the world of Cypriot Products.
For me Cypriot Products are the success stories of hard working people that invested their passion, life and experience to realize something good, useful, a benefit for the entire society. There are not many of us ready to give up our safe job and life. Travel trough life, fighting for what they wished for these people may become a model to follow by everybody. Producing in Cyprus maybe a challenge like anywhere in the world but at the end of the tunnel there will always be the satisfaction that we tried to do the succeed.
A Success story is behind any of us!
A reward when you can put the stamp on your Success "Made in Cyprus".

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!